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Twelve Step Recovery “Higher Power Hour” Study:

This Ministry division of Abbott Ministries Society has been giving these studies to recovering addicts of all kinds since about November 2001.  Too many people successfully complete, and graduate from the 12 step program, only to suffer a fall back into their addiction and destructive lifestyle.  We give an easy to understand study on exactly who the “Higher Power” is, and how to use that “Higher Power” to remain free from the destruction of falling back in to addiction.  This study is powerful and it really works.  If you are interested in taking this powerful study, please contact us and we can refer you to a recovery facility that offers this learning.  If you are interested hosting this 12 step recovery “Higher Power Hour” study, please contact us.  Abbott Ministries Society supplies Bibles,  Certificates of Salvation, Certificates of Baptism, instructional videos and more to this ministry.  If the “Twelve Step Recovery Higher Power Hour Study” touches your heart, please donate now.

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